Products & Service

We would like to introduce various products that support large scale e-mail system.

Introduction of major products

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    Mail Security Gateway proud of to outstanding reliability

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    Reliability and Performance of MailStore Server

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    Distributed storage system, supporting large capacity mailbox

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    Integrated detection and analysis of e-mail communication logs in comprehensively

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    Cloud type DMARC analysis service

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    Large scale DNS server

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    DNS server software with high performance processing

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    Easy multi-factor authentication


As a group of engineer who have long experience in the e-mail system infrastructure of major ISPs, ASPs, mobile operators,
we would consult, design, build as large-scale e-mail systems, messaging security.


  • Gateway MTA
  • POP3/IMAP4 Server
  • Isolation Box
  • Distributed Storage


  • Anti Virus
  • Phishing Countermeasure
  • Targeted Attack Countermeasure
  • E-mail Spoofing Countermeasure
  • DoS/DDoS Countermeasure
  • Account Hijacking Countermeasure
  • Sender Domain Authentication


  • DMARC Reporting Analysis
  • Realtime Block List
  • Domain Whitelist
  • Phishing URL Information
  • Geo Information