Products & Service


Distributed storage system,
supporting large capacity mailbox

Scalability and safety
that can be said unlimited,
and high cost performance

"Scality RING Organic Storage" is a distributed storage system that satisfies the requirements of big data. Scality RING, which can be freely configured and expanded in accordance with service, is a reliable basis for cloud mail service.

SCALITY RING Overview diagram

Service Features

  • Ideal for mail system storage
  • Utilization of general-purpose hardware, significant cost reduction possible
  • For the first time from the minimum required, it can be extended at any time in response to the request of the service
  • Distributing and maintaining replicas of multiple data, realizing fault tolerance and high availability
  • In RING that span multiple locations, it is possible to realize the disaster recovery environment

List of Functions

List of Connectors Sproxyd (Simple connector based on object or ID)
RS2, REST (Amazon S3 compatible)
RS2 Light (Compatible with RS2 but not authenticated)
CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface - Standard Compliance)
File Interface FUSE