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DNS server software with high performance processing

Commercial Version of Open Source DNS Server Software "PowerDNS".

PowerDNS is open source DNS server software developed by PowerDNS.COM BV. Compared to the widely known "BIND"( an open source DNS software), it features a new design, high processing performance and administrator maintenance time reduction. In addition, it is less vulnerable than BIND. "Recursor intelligence feeds" which is provided to commercial users, includes Lua scripts and filters that is created based on attack trend information provided by PowerDNS development team and users, makes users not have to individually respond to DNS attacks and also dramatically reduces the operational load. Beside being able to use various RDBs including MySQL, unlike BIND, which requires setting up a configuration file and restarting, backend database can easily change setting of DNS records with Web-based "Pdnscontrol". It also provides REST API for operation record perfomance, flexibly and automatically cooperates with other systems.

List of Functions

  • Authority server (Primary, Secondary)
  • Resolver

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