The safety of the communication environment that connects society as a whole cannot be protected by the efforts of specific companies or organizations, and cannot be achieved without mutual assistance. M3AAWG and JPAAWG, where groups and companies from various positions come together to discuss countermeasures, are very wonderful efforts. TwoFive actively participates in these communities as a member of the future of communication. In Japan, we actively provide knowledge and know-how by participating in activities such as the Anti-Phishing Council, the anti-spam promotion council, and the Japan Smartphone Security Forum.

The spoofing countermeasure portal site Naritai

In addition, we operate the spoofing countermeasure portal site "Naritai" that can be used free of charge by ISPs and system department personnel of general companies and organizations. The site aims to deepen the understanding of spoofing, promote the introduction of security measures into companies, and alert users. It provides easy-to-understand explanations of basic information such as the mechanism of email and why spoofing occurs, and spoofing. You can easily check the registration status of RBL (DNS block list) by explaining the setting method of sender authentication, which is a countermeasure against the above, for each mail service, or by entering the domain name and IP address of your company's mail system. We also provide various check tools that can be used. In addition to technical explanations, it also introduces the status of legal development, the efforts of governments and industry groups, and points to note when explaining to the internal legal department. TwoFive will continue to cooperate with organizations and partners working on spoofing countermeasures, continuously expanding content useful for spoofing countermeasures, and planning off-site events.

Main CSR Activities

The Spoofing Countermeasure Portal Site "Naritai"

The spoofing countermeasure portal site

"Naritai" is an enlightenment site where various characters explain technical standards, introduction methods, setting examples that are easy to make mistakes, etc. regarding measures against email spoofing. TwoFive works with volunteer engineers in Japan to write and operate the site.




JPAAWG (Japan Anti-Abuse Working Group) provides information and alerts to promote accurate understanding of Internet users and businesses, and provides technical and institutional measures while accurately grasping future trends. By considering such things, we will carry out activities that contribute to the sound development of telecommunications centered on the Internet. TwoFive has been a member since its inception.




M3AAWG is a working group of 200 mobile carriers, ISPs, and email-related organizations around the world that discusses countermeasures against various email threats such as malware, spam, viruses, and Dos attacks.


Council of Anti-Phishing Japan

Council of Anti-Phishing Japan

Operates a "phishing countermeasures council" consisting of businesses or organizations that can be targeted by phishing attacks and businesses that can provide defense measures, and collects and provides information on phishing, analyzes trends, and examines technical aspects. It is an organization that does such things.


Anti-Spam Mail Promotion Council

Anti-Spam mail Promotion Council

As a registration and transmission optimization organization based on the "Specified E-mail Law", the Japan Data Communication Association is entrusted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to operate the junk e-mail consultation center.




JSSEC is a voluntary organization in which communication carriers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, application development, and service provision vendors participate in order to promote the safe utilization and popularization of smartphones.


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