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Dovecot Pro

Reliability and Performance of Mail Store

A Commercial Version of Dovecot, a Mail Store Server that Gains 50% of the World's Share

It demonstrates high level of reliability and performance with latest stateless architecture, two tier configuration of Director - Store, plug-ins that enable to use of object storage, and continuous enhancement in corresponding to latest technology.


Latest Architecture with High Reliability

Dovecote Pro is configured in the form of "load balancer -> proxy -> back end", and designed on the premise that both components and failure occur. Therefore, servers can be replaced or added at any time, with high reliability and availability.

High Availability Generated by Stateless Configuration

The front end (Dovecot Director) optimizes access to the mailbox for each user by distributing it to a specific backend (Dovecot Store). This makes it easier to operate mailboxes on shared file systems, and enables flexible system configuration.

Enlarge Capacity Object storage Plug-in

The object storage plug-in makes it possible to use object storage such as Amazon S3 and Scality. By using local caching and prefetching, it also minimizes the influence of network delay which is a problem when using object storage. Scalability can be acquired while maintaining usability.

Continuing Ambitious Functional Enhancement

Gmail is compatible with REST API
Support Apple Notification
Email - full-text searching
Account hijacking countermeasure

List of Functions

POP3,IMAP4 Various way of authentication
Countermeasure START_TLS、POP3/IMAP4 over SSL
LDAP link
Stateless configuration
Distribution · Automatic response
Account hijacking countermeasure
External cloud storage link

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