• 2020.01.29

    TwoFive,Inc. announced the launch of "Area 1 Horizon"

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  • 2019.08.27

    TwoFive,Inc. made a business alliances with PatternEx

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  • 2018.01.15

    BANDAI SPIRITS adopts the "DMARC/25 Analyze" visualization service and introduces trump card "DMARC" for eradicating spoofing email

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  • 2018.01.08

    Mail Security essential measures seminar was held on February 5, 2019

    "Somehow I know" ... It is not done! Learn "DMARC" basic and "BEC(Business E-mail Compromise)" countermeasures which are important technology to protect company in 3 hours

    [End of reception, it have been reached capacity due to popularity]

    Becuse the number of participating applicants has reached the capacity, we would terminate the application acceptance. If you let us know the contact information, we will guide you in the next time.
    Contact: TwoFive, Inc E-mail:

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  • 2018.10.01

    JJPAAWG 1st General Meeting was held on November 8, 2018

    Thank you, this meeting finished a success. We would like to thank everyone for coming again.

    In cooperation with M3AAWG (*), JPAAWG newly established as a working group to discuss about the security of the Internet is held in Japan. We also support as a sponsor as a promoter of JPAAWG.
    JPAAWG is a place to invite experts in Internet security in and outside Japan to discuss global security countermeasures and issues.

    (*) M3AAWG is a global organization consist of more than 230 network operators and security vendors in 30 countries that exchanges information, discusses and takes measures in order to fight malicious/fraud of all Internet technologies including spam mail and phishing.

    For details, please see the following URL. 
  • 2018.06.25

    TwoFive VOYAGE was held on July 19, 2018

    For TwoFive's users, we gathered experts in security of large-scale mail system and hold a session on the situation and effective measures worldwide such as account hijacking, outbound spam, botnet, phishing, biometrics ... on July 19th.


    Thank you, this meeting finished a success. We would like to thank everyone for coming again.