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DMARC / 25 Analyze

Cloud type DMARC analysis service

Aggregate, visualize and analyze information of authentication result (DMARC report) and provide easy-to-understand web-based reports

"DMARC / 25 Analyze" aggregates, visualizes and analyzes authentication result (DMARC report) of enormous XML format provided at DMARC which is a new email spoofing countermeasure, provides easy-to-understand report. When an email transmission is suspected of be spoofed, it displays a warning on the report and notifies the administrator.
By using this service, you can confirm that your domain is not being illegally used, quickly detect mail transmission that is suspected of being spoofed. Even if it is illegally used, we can precisely detect the existence and content of phishing e-mail, so that we can prevent damage by notifying customers and business partners who are likely to receive these mails.

DMARC / 25 Analyze 概要図

List of Functions

Dashboard function
Aggregate transmission domain authentication results
Aggregate report data
Aggregate other domain
Aggregate report provider