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Proud to have outstanding reliability
Mail Security Getway

An email server that provides reliability and performance of carrier grade

In order to deal with e-mail process which becomes more complicatedomples every day, it provides all the functions required email server (Mail Transfer Agent), high level of flexibility and carrier grade performance at the same time.

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Carrier grade

From enterprises to world's largest free mail systems, it has proven high level of performance, reliability and scalability by results obtained from many years being used in large-scale mail systems of telecommunications carriers all over the world. It can finely controll not only in transmission but in reception, processes more emails with faster speed by optimizing network-wide e-mail delivery.

Advanced control of email traffic

It is an email server designed and developed to meet requirements: delivery control, routing, bandwidth limitation which are required for various systems such as enterprises, public institutions, telecommunications carriers, etc., It can easily accomplish complicated requirements which are difficult to realize with open source mail server.

Traffic visualization and
external data link

Cloudmark engineers are familiar with the difficulty of operating the email system. We also visualize various statistical data on mail traffic and threat in graphs and tables that is easy to see, provide them to administrators to visualize the movement of the system. In addition, it supports many APIs that can link with various databases including subscriber information and employee information, cuts out unnecessary operation procedures.

Flexible operational policy control

By Cloudmark's powerful and flexible workflow-type operation policy engine, both allowed content and blocked content can be controlled.

List of Functions

MTA Advanced and flexible mail routing / filter settings
Support various authentication methods
Control traffic
Integrate with external DB (authentication, statistical information)
IP reputation
Filter Antispam / Antivirus
Editing header, body text string matching
Operation of attached document
Operation GUI · Operational status Dashboard