E-mail security essential countermeasures seminar was held on February 5, 2019

2019.01.08 Updated

"Somehow I know" ... It is not done! Learn "DMARC" basic and "BEC(Business E-mail Compromise)" countermeasures which are important technology to protect company in 3 hours

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Contact: TwoFive, Inc E-mail: sales@twofive25.jp

If an important customer stolen personal information and infected with virus by malicious spoofing mail pretending to be your company's domain ....

If your account is abused while you do not know, confusing customer or taking a part of a crime ....

Because currently, the malicious attacker's method is clever, the customers are easily deceived. In case there are no countermeasures, customers themself become victim and perpetrator as well. In order not to lose credibility from customers and protect your company's domain, as corporate responsibility, it is necessary to have countermeasures to prevent compromise domain. "DMARC" which is the trump card for the countermeasure, is a new industry standard technology that is being introduced worldwide. There is no need for capital investment for installing DMARC, so you can start using it as soon as it is installed and configured on an existing mail server.

In addition, the method of BEC (Business E-mail Compromise) is complicated, skillfully set, and it is insufficient to cope with a single countermeasure, so it is important to use multiple countermeasures together. In order to understand different "weak points" by customers, we will introduce the mechanism of occurrence of BEC damage and countermeasures for each point.

This seminar will explain DMARC and BEC countermeasures from the basics in a clear way and introduce the methods from introduction to application. All companies are being damaged due to "spoofing". Let's join this seminar, get trust and peace of mind at once.

* DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication,Reporting and Conformance
* BEC: Business E-mail Compromise
Date & Time 2019/02/05 (Tue): 14:00 ~ 17:00 (Opening 13:40)
Meeting Place Fukuracia Yaesu
In front of JR Tokyo Station Yaesu underground Shopping Mall Exit No.5 / 3 minutes walk from Yaesu South Entrance
4 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Kyobashi" Station Exit No.7
Yunizo Yaesu Building 3F, 2-4-1, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Participation Fee Free
Seating Capacity 30 people (The application will be closed as soon as the number of participant reaches the capacity)
Participant Those who are considering security measures for their own systems and their own services, or who are considering countermeasures
Sponsorship TwoFive, Inc
14:00 ~
14:05 ~
The first "spoofing email" & "Business E-mail Compromise (BEC)"
While introducing recent cases of damage, we would explain what to do, how to respond when being targeted, what to do in order not suffer damage in a easy to understand manner, and a clever method, the outline of "Spoofing" such as unauthorized login, SNS and mail illegal transmission.
14:40 ~
Basic explanation of DMARC
DMARC, explained in the simplest way, is the new technology standard in the industry, which has been used all over the world to prevent the domain from "spoofing" crime.
15:25 ~
Introduction and effect of DMARC
According to the report data that can be obtained by introducing "DMARC", it is possible to catch correspondence situation SPF/DKIM and detect spoofing. In addition to introducing the mechanism, we will introduce "DMARC/25" visualization service of "DMARC" report to use easily and more effective "DMARC" report.
16:10 ~
Introduction and effect of Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) countermeasure products
Based on the method of BEC, we will introduce solution/advanced products that demonstrate the power of countermeasures such as identifying the damage route and judging impersonation.
16:50 ~
Q&A / Individual consultation ...

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Contact: TwoFive, Inc E-mail: sales@twofive25.jp

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